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How Much...will it cost?

How much do we charge?.......We are paid through our suppliers when we book your travel through them - such as the Walt Disney Travel Company, Universal Parks or SeaWorld Parks, to name a few.   As such, we don't believe in adding additional fees for something we are already being paid for.

How much will your trip cost?......There are so many factors that can determine this, such as dates of travel, ages of children at time of travel, package inclusions, and more.  So, we work with you to find the best possible pricing for your trip, once all of this has been taken into consideration.   We will try to talk you out of things that our experience tells us aren't necessary, while encouraging you with the things that we feel could make a positive difference in your vacation.  Bottom line is that we are consumers as well, and completely understand trying to get a good deal.  As a result, we do what we can to help with keeping your costs down, as much as possible.

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