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Privacy Policy

The Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) was enacted on January 1, 2001 to ensure all Canadian's basic right to privacy. PIPEDA applies to every business in Canada and covers the collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information about identifiable individuals.

At Dream Hunter Vacations, we require the disclosure of personal information, in order for us to process your requests for travel products and services.  As a result, we may have to exchange that information with third party suppliers.   Please know that understand the importance of protecting the information that you have placed in our trust. 

 In order to plan and/or purchase a travel product or service on your behalf, some basic personal information is required. This may include:

  • Name, Title, Gender

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Emergency contact information

  • Credit card number, expiration date and cvv code on reverse

  • Citizenship, Immigration status, Passport details

  • Date of Birth

  • Frequent flyer information, meal & seats preferences

Dream Hunter Vacations will collect your name and contact information (telephone number and email address), when a quote request is made.  In order to process this request and subsequently complete a reservation, additional information is collected about each member of the traveling party.  Full legal name, gender and title are required by the suppliers, in order to comply with Federal travel regulations such as those stipulated by the airlines.  An address/email is required to bind contracts as well as send proof of purchase.  Phone and email contacts are required for communication during the purchase process as well as following the sale, in the case of schedule changes, disrupted travel, emergency and post-travel follow-up.  Credit card details are required for settlement of purchases.  Citizenship and Immigration status is required by the Travel Industry Act (TICO) to ensure travellers are advised of correct travel documentation.  Place of birth, nationality, age, passport details are also required by airlines to comply with the Canadian Transportation Act (CTA) regulations and governments for visas and travel documents.  Dates of birth are required for the purchase of travel insurance, and airline tickets.  Additional personal information such as frequent flyer numbers, are required in order to relay that information to collect personal rewards.

Dream Hunter Vacations collects Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for the purpose of administration, to gather broad demographic information, as well as audit the misuse of our website.  Technical information is also collected from your computer, such as the operating system, web browser type and version, screen resolution, IP address and referral site.

By making a travel quote request, you give Dream Hunter Vacations permission to collect voluntarily provided personal information and by using this website, you agree to allow a cookie to be set on your computer and the collection of personal and computer information.

Personal information collected in order to complete travel services are maintained for seven (7) years from date of booking, as required by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA).  Dream Hunter Vacations does not sell or distribute any personal information to third parties for marketing purposes.

Personal information collected is passed onto third party suppliers, such as airlines, cruise lines, and hotels, in order to secure a reservation.  The information collected can vary, depending on the type of travel booked.  Reservations cannot be made without this information.  Please note that with Dream Hunter Vacations acting as the agent during this process with the third party supplier, you are then also a client of the third party supplier.  As such, your personal information is therefore covered by that third party supplier’s privacy policy, over which Dream Hunter Vacations has no control over.  We send the minimum required personal information to the third party supplies and do not sell any data, whether individually or in bulk.

Dream Hunter Vacations may be required by law to disclose certain personal information in cases of illegal activities, or in order to resolve disputes that arise in the normal course of business.

You may be contacted by telephone and/or email by a Dream Hunter Vacations agent with respect to your quote request.  Should you not wish to engage in communications with respect to this request, simply tell our agent or send an email to, and we will close your quote request.

All marketing communications engaged by Dream Hunter Vacations are respectful and designed to be mutually beneficial. Customers will be placed on an email newsletter list for which will contain and opt out link. 

Dream Hunter Vacations does not condone the use of spyware (i.e. pop-up window advertising) and does not employ any similar technologies. We do not sell space on the website to third parties or allow third parties access to user information.

Dream Hunter Vacations uses aggregate IP address information and does not ordinarily link IP addresses to personally identifiable information. However when necessary to enforce compliance with the Terms of Sale and Terms of Use, to protect our website or other users and to prosecute misuse, we will link individual IP addresses.


By providing you with this Privacy Statement, Dream Hunter Vacations pledges continued commitment to protecting personal information. We provide appropriate physical, organizational and secure technical measures to safeguard personal information and to protect it from unauthorized access. This includes limiting access of personal information to those employees who have a business reason to use it.  All paper files are stored securely at Dream Hunter Vacations premises and shredded when discarded.  To protect the confidentiality of all personal information Dream Hunter Vacations uses data encryption, or scrambling technologies and industry-standard firewalls. When you send personal information it is stored by Dream Hunter Vacations and protected by 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, an industry standard security protocol.

This privacy policy covers information regarding all clients and potential clients, whether dealt with in person, on the phone or online.

If you have questions regarding our policy, please feel free to email them to or mail them to:

Dream Hunter Vacations
6 Queen Street North, Suite 207a
Bolton, ON  L7E 1C8
Attention:  Manager

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