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It has been some time now and WE are still in MAGIC MODE!!!!

Thank you for your time and caring! You are amazing. We had the time of our lives and thought it would only be a once in a lifetime trip..... WRONG we wanna go back sooo bad! I was not sure what to expect and I was a little scared that the magic you believed, I would not feel! WELL LIKE A BRICK HOUSE EXPLODING!!!!!!!!!!! I felt it..... I have never felt like I did when I was looking at the castle!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!

-Jenn C.


Thank you, thank you, thank you sooooooooo much for making this the best trip and experience ever!! We had a super awesome time!! My kids told me that this was the best week in their lives!!! Hearing that alone made it all worth it!!  The character meals you picked were all fantastic.  So we really had a wonderful time!!! I was so impressed and happy with everything!! We filled up 3 autograph books!!! The kids were ecstatic!!  I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all your patience, kindness, and hard work, you truly are a wonderful person!!  I took over 500 pictures so I will send you some as soon as I download them!! I can't stop saying thank you, I just can't tell you enough how grateful I am!! Thanks for your magical pixie dust it made all our dreams come true!!!

-Sonia, Isabella, and Luca


We had a magical time. My kids had so much fun. Thanks to your planning, we experienced and got to see and do so much at Disney. The restaurants you scheduled for us were amazing! The food and atmosphere were perfect for what we wanted to experience. We enjoyed Pop Century and the dining plan was great.  Thank you for making our Disney vacation so wonderful. We had so many magical moments as a family.  We look forward to doing it again real soon!!!

- Tina S.


Thank you so very much for all you have done to make this such a memorable family time. Everything booked in Orlando was super and we loved Discovery Cove so are very grateful for that suggestion. The day after our visit there it bucketed rain so your pixie dust was truly magical! 

 We all really appreciate your efforts and tireless patience with all my questions. It will seem very odd not to be in communication with you now. If anyone I know is thinking of taking a Disney cruise I will know who to tell them to get in touch with.

- Fran K.


I just want to thank you again for the wonderful vacation that you arranged for us. Your planning was excellent and allowed us to see things and places in Disney World that we haven't even thought about. The parks were beautiful, the resort, Coronado Springs, was beautiful as well, although we had not enough time to enjoy it because we were leaving at 8:30 AM and coming back after 10:00 PM. All the restaurants you made reservations for our lunches or dinners were excellent and it was so much good food (now we are all on diet). We also spoiled our selves with the Starbucks treats where we spent our snack points.   In conclusion, we cannot wait to go again and for sure we want you to plan our next trip. 

- Béan N.


We sincerely appreciate everything you did to help us with the trip.  The character meals were incredible and we would never have found them if it weren't for you.  Thank you again for everything you did!  You're our first call the next time we entertain a Disney vacation (which the kids are already asking for!).

- Sophie N.


I just wanted to thank you so much for helping us make this vacation special!  We could have gotten ourselves to Disney, but without your experience, expertise and helpful tips it would not have been as magical. We simply couldn't have done as much without your help. Thank you for being our Fairy Godmother.   We are looking forward to planning another trip with you soon,

- Hayley H.


I just brought up your last email to get your email address and read that it was signed with "Magical Wishes."  That is what it truly was, and the best word I can put to it.  It was absolutely MAGICAL!  Beyond my imagination. Thank you so much for putting the package together for me.   I followed it exactly but for the last night's dinner.  I just wish to note my first Park was Epcot.  I have no idea what building I found myself in but they had a ride called 'Soarin.'  I was so enthralled, I exited and went right back in line to repeat it.  That was only the beginning.  The show at Disney Studio Park the last night was unbelievable.  I will never forget it and it is too much to try to describe.  I saw all the special events of which you made notes. So my thanks again.  I only wish I had neighbours interested enough to look at my wonderful pictures but they just have no idea of what I saw and experienced.  Never mind, I have them in my memory forever.

-Carol V

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