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Resort Reviews: Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground is a hidden gem that most aren’t even aware of. Depending on your choice of accommodation, it’s like having your own little house at Disney World!! How magical is that??

They offer full service campsites for those that like to rough it by bringing their own tent, trailer or RV as well as cabins, for those that prefer the comforts of home with a nature setting.

Many who are going to Disney World aren’t going for the camping aspect, so this place isn’t even on their radar. However, when you look a little closer to see what they have - it’s a little piece of heaven…...Disney style! Magic and pixie dust included!

This place has all the regular things that you would expect at a campground - pools and playgrounds, etc. - but it also has many magical extras that can totally enhance your visit, without having to spend all your time in the parks - thereby giving you a peaceful spot for downtime while on vacation. Horseback riding, archery, pony/wagon/carriage rides and sleigh rides (in season), sing-along-campfires, fishing, boats, bikes and more. Although some of these experiences require a little extra spending money, you can thoroughly enjoy your time here, regardless of whether you want to spend the extra or not.

For many, camping is not ‘their thing’. However, we hear it all the time after we have told our clients about the awesome experiences here, how amazing their stay was - that it was so much more than they expected.

Imagine if you will, the end of the day in the Magic Kingdom, and you just want to be back at your resort, jammies on and relaxed while you plan your next day. From this park, you go straight to the waterfront and board the resort boat over to the campground. As you pull away from the shore, you can see the lights dancing off the Seven Seas Lagoon, and you are instantly transformed into a state of ahhhhhhhh….I’m on vacation. That alone is worth it!!!

‘There is something very magical about having that quiet space for family together time at the cabins, that just doesn’t compare to staying in a hotel room elsewhere on property’, as we were told by a client that has stayed at many on and offsite resorts in the Disney World area.

If you think you are the slightest bit interested in knowing more about this property, don't’ hesitate to reach out to us to answer any questions you may have.

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