I grew up in a Disney household - watching the movies with my parents, belting out the songs with my brother - I loved it all and I couldn’t get enough. In my house you could find Mickey on everything, and I mean everything - the silverware, the toast, even the dog - and with them brought magic. A special kind of magic that only Disney can make. I believed so strongly in the magic of Disney and the happiness it brings that even in the darkest of times, a smile shone through. To my family Disney fixed everything. Even in our most heartbreaking moments it was right there. When I was 11 my father was diagnosed with cancer and we visited our happy place - Walt Disney World - twice while he was sick to create happy lasting memories in case the worst became reality. Looking back, those trips bring nothing but happiness because even on the worst days the magic made it disappear. One of my favourite memories happened in Epcot......once upon a time you could purchase a legacy and not knowing what the future held my family decided to get one to celebrate us before my dad began treatment. Going to Epcot now and seeing that little plaque years and years later still brings tears to my eyes. Even though I know it was the medicine that saved my fathers life, I think a part of me will always believe that the pure magic of Disney is what cured him and us as a family. We may have gone through hardship but Disney was there to make us laugh, cry, sing, dance and love. Which inspired me to want to help people create their own memories.